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Adjacent: Reveals how often adjacent numbers in Lotto have been drawn.

Archives: Displays all Florida Lottery draws per game.

Combinations: Features most frequently and least frequently drawn combinations.

District Offices: Lists all Florida Lottery District Offices throughout the Sunshine State and gives information on how to redeem winning tickets.

Games: Shows a comparison between three different versions of the Fantasy 5 game.

Home: Presents current draw results and one-week news.

Main: Exhibits the current draw for each game, Watch Analysis, Total Count and Current Drought tables.

Maps: Provides maps of Florida locations and communities where big jackpots have been won.

Membership: Indicates how to become a member with access to all pages.

News: Presents news archives by month.

Noteworthy: Lists the top drawn numbers in Cash 3 and Play 4, the least drawn numbers in Cash 3, all Cash 3 three-identical-digit numbers, all Play 4 four-identical-digit numbers, and more.

Payout: Shows how much a particular winning combination has paid out to date, and to how many winners. Features max / min payouts per winner and max / min payouts + winners per draw. Lists jackpot payouts per number of winners and jackpot payouts per rollover period. Presents the top 10 payouts disbursed per winner and the top 10 jackpots disbursed per draw.

Quick Pick: Reveals how many Quick Pick tickets have won jackpots. What's your guess ... ???

Repetitions: Discloses repetition patterns and frequencies for each number and on aggregate.

Rollover: Itemizes each Lotto / Mega Money rollover by its duration and by the year in which it occurred.

UnclaimedL: Lists all unclaimed Lotto jackpot winning tickets since 1988. How many do you think there are?

UnclaimedF: Lists unclaimed Fantasy 5 jackpot winning tickets about to expire. Please check!

Watch: A "Watch" is a special analysis performed every day with regard to the day's draw. It is usually related to one or more of the analytical factors presented here: Drought, Total Count, Combis, Payouts, etc. The daily / weekly Watch is presented on the main page of each game - just below the current draw - while past Watches are preserved on the "Watch" page of each respective game.

Revised: 01-28-04